Athletic Facility Hours

Indoor athletic facilities will remain closed this fall. However, many of the college’s outdoor athletic spaces will be available as long as users respect public health rules and state requirements. Please note that, while the state generally requires masking within six feet of other people, during physical recreation the college requires masks within twelve feet. 

Physical education classes and varsity team practice cohorts are likely to rely heavily on our outdoor recreation spaces. At other times those spaces will be available to the campus community. To see when the Lee Track, Tennis Courts along Southworth Street,  Basketball hoops behind Misson, Farley/Lamb, and Williamson fields are available, check out the real-time calendars below.  We only ask that everyone give students priority of use, since their options for physical activity are limited.

Campus Visitors & Use of College Resources

We continue to maintain a no visitor policy at this time out of an abundance of caution.  This policy includes family (e.g. partners, spouses, children, etc.) of faculty and staff, as well as community members.  Only faculty, staff, and students enrolled in on-campus instruction should be on-campus.

We encourage everyone to respect the campus quarantine students are under regarding the use of outdoor facilities.  Given that students are restricted to a campus quarantine, except for hiking, running, or biking, for the month of September, we are prioritizing Athletic spaces for student use. PE Faculty and Coaches will begin their structured activities starting on Monday, September 14th. You may see physical education classes and varsity cohort practices outdoors, signage will mark these designated areas for these activities. These facilities will be closed to other users during these classes and practices. Please check the schedule before heading to an outside venue, and be respectful if asked to leave.


Facility Phone Numbers:

  •  Athletic Department: (413) 597-2366
  •  Wet Line: (413) 597-2419
  •  Ice Line: (413) 597-2433