Equipment Loan Policy

College Issued Uniforms & Equipment

  1. Intercollegiate athletes are responsible for all issued uniforms, athletic clothing, supplies, and equipment they receive at the beginning of the season.  Items are numbered and documented and should not be transferred between athletes unless the Equipment Manager is notified ahead of time.
  2. Athletes must return all issued equipment on Closing Day directly to the equipment room (DO NOT leave in the locker room, outside the equipment room door, with coaches, with teammates, in chute, etc.)
  3. Athletes will then be notified via email listing each missing item and the replacement cost. Students have an opportunity to return these items upon receipt of the notice to remove any replacement charges from their term bill; but will incur a $25.00 late fee per month following the late return date. Please contact your coach regarding the return date.
    ***Athletes in postseason competition are exempt from the Late Return Policy
  4. Replacement charges are two times the cost of the item when originally ordered.  This charge is based upon the cost to reorder an individual item, instead of receiving a reduced rate for ordering items in bulk.
  5. Issued equipment will not to be sold to athletes.  Athletes who are interested in purchasing items should consult their coaches at the beginning of their season to do a separate order for the item(s) if available.