Faculty Affiliates Program

The Faculty Affiliate Program at Williams College seeks to strengthen the relationship between the athletic and academic lives of the College. The Program supports the College’s understanding of intercollegiate athletics as a core part of the Williams educational mission.

Academic faculty members volunteer to team up with athletic teams in a casual and supportive way. In addition to attending competitions, Faculty Affiliates periodically join team members for meals, attend team functions, or even attend practice!

There are several objectives for this program:

  • To enhance connections between student-athletes and academic faculty members by providing additional mentoring for student-athletes, particularly with management of academic responsibilities and communication with professors.
  • To connect academic and athletic faculty members and promote an understanding of their respective challenges, responsibilities, and approaches to teaching and working with students.
  • To support the academic mission of the college while also increasing understanding of the ways in which intercollegiate athletics enhances the educational mission of the College.
  • To strengthen the relationships between student-athletes, professors, and coaches beyond the classroom.