Limitations on Out of Season Activities

Out-of season activity is supported as long as it follows NESCAC regulations and is not viewed as a requirement for making a team.  All out-of-season activities must be strictly voluntary and should never conflict with any academic obligation.

NESCAC Guidelines

  • Orchestrated activity is not allowed, attendance cannot be taken and no information can be reported back to the coach.
  • Any activity located on or off campus must be organized as a “free play “environment where members of the student community are able to participate.
  • Facilities off or on campus may not be rented or reserved for the varsity team and there are to be no contests or scrimmages as teams against outside competition.
  • Voluntary strength and conditioning programs are permitted.
    • Maximum of 5 workout programs may be designed and introduced for student-athletes while out of season.
    • Individuals or groups of individuals may pursue workout programs, but not full teams.
  • Community service activities and educational programming (leadership education, alcohol and hazing education) are permitted.
  • Student-athletes may volunteer to work in sport-based clinics for youth, provided clinics are not conducted when classes are in session and student-athletes work no more than two days in any given sport in an academic year.