Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education offers a variety of programs reflecting the college’s commitment to the ideals of a liberal arts education.  Our goal is to contribute to the physical, social, mental, and emotional well being of students, enriching their holistic learning experiences and building lifelong habits of good health.

Exercise increases physical energy, mental alertness, and self-confidence and has been shown to help foster productivity and creativity. With this in mind, the physical education program is designed to help students pursue meaningful activities that will promote wellness and community building. The program emphasizes participation, enjoyment, and the building of exercise skills.

Students are required to take four credits of physical education by the end of the second year, two of which must be completed in the first year. Registration for classes takes place online prior to the start of each physical education quarter.

Williams offers an average of 30 activity courses per semester. Additional opportunities such at Outing Club activities, dance ensembles and sports at the varsity, junior varsity, and club levels also fulfill the physical education requirement. We welcome suggestions for new activities and offerings.