Class Offerings and Locations

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PE Selections First Quarter 2021

September 13 – October 22

Ballet I (DANC 104) ’62 Center In this class, students learn the fundamentals of ballet technique, in a manner both safe and challenging. This is an absolute beginning course: EVERYONE is welcome! In barre work and center/traveling exercises, the class will begin to develop a working understanding of basic positions of the arms and legs; individual steps such as turns and jumps; and simple combinations. Through repetition and logical progression artistry, musicality, strength and coordination will develop and grow. FULL SEMESTER

Ballet III (DANC 304) ’62 Center Designed for dancers who have achieved intermediate/advanced level of ballet technique. Class includes barre work, center and traveling exercises that incorporate adage, pirouettes,petit and grand allegro. Proper alignment and rigorous but safe application of technique are expected. Students are encouraged to work safely and correctly within their individual abilities so that artistry, musicality and the dynamics in ballet are explored. Ballet courses may be repeated for credit and may be taken for either PE credit or partial academic credit FULL SEMESTER – 2 PE credits

3v3 Basketball – Sport Court Behind Mission Inspired by the recent Olympic 3v3 Basketball competition – On the outdoor courts behind Mission Dorm: this class will focus on the skill, strategy, and competition of half- court 3v3 basketball.

Boot Camp- Lasell Gymnasium A high-intensity circuit-training style workout including cardio, strengthening and plyometrics.

Canoeing- We’ll paddling on nearby waterways and lakes, watching fall come as trees change color, geese gather and hawks fly overhead. You’ll learn about different paddling strokes and confidently paddle your canoe to whatever destination you choose!

Gravel and Mountain Biking This is a pilot class aimed at getting students outside on gravel/mountain bikes to explore the beautiful gravel roads and the fun mountain bike trails of Northern Berkshire county and Southern Vermont. Students signing up should feel comfortable biking on varied and hilly terrain. During a typical class we will ride for a total 1.5 to 2 hours (with several short breaks). Students ideally should have access to a geared bike in good working condition, with tires capable of handling gravel roads and beginner mountain bike trails. Students will also need a bike helmet. Reach out to Marc Mandel at [email protected] with questions.

Golf (Beginner)- Taconic Golf Course focus on basic golf skills and progression from the putting green to the driving range. No experience necessary.

Golf (Advanced)- Taconic Golf Course Designed for the avid golfer. Students meet weekly with instructor for 6 weeks. Additionally students will play 4 weeks of 9 holes – Total of 36 holes must be played in 6 weeks to earn PE credit. MUST sign in at pro shop each time you play. Own clubs or rent at pro shop.

Hike with Dogs This class will weave together team bonding activities, walks around nearby trails and fields, and playtime with a golden retriever! There may be weekly guest dogs, so a comfort level with dogs of all sizes is highly required.

Hiking: Come explore some of the best hikes in the Northern Berkshires. We will summit mountains, explore brooks, learn about hike preparation, navigation/map interpretation and seek out some of the best natural spots in Williamstown.

Indoor Climbing: Field House This class will take place at WOC’s very own climbing wall in the Towne Field house! You’ll be learning a variety of climbing techniques from bouldering to top rope climbs. We teach all the climbing basics, use of gear, climbing knots and how to belay, you’ll soon be on your way challenging yourself to new heights!

Kettlebell Circuit ClassField House will introduce the basic movements for training with a kettlebell. The fundamental movements will build on each other and progress to circuits and interval training sessions. These sessions will combine strength and cardiovascular training.

Modern Dance I’62 Center This beginner studio course is designed for students with little or no experience in modern dance techniques. Students will develop an understanding of basic principles through a progression of floor work, standing work, and traveling movement. Skills that will be acquired include strength, coordination, musicality, body alignment, and spatial awareness needed for movers. FULL SEMESTER – 2 PE credits

Modern Dance II-  ’62 Center This studio course is designed for students with some experience in modern dance techniques or training in a related discipline. Students will continue to develop their practice, build strength, body alignment, and artistry with a focus on individual progress. Classes will include floor work, standing work and traveling movement, building the skills needed for longer combinations. FULL SEMESTER – 2 PE credits

Muscle Fitness- Upper Lasell Fitness Center a group exercise class focusing on use of cardiovascular equipment and pin loaded weight machines in the fitness center. Students will work with instructor to develop a fitness plan that best suits their current fitness level and future goals.

Ski Patrol certification course: The curriculum is based on the National Ski Patrol’s Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC, 6th Edition) textbook and associated materials. While focusing on emergency care and rescue in outdoor/winter settings, the curriculum emphasizes the leadership skills and actions required when responding to a variety of emergency medical situations.
Students who complete the PE course MAY choose to continue developing as ski patrollers by taking the Ski Patrol winter study course and joining the Williams Ski Patrol. (NOTE: This is not required but is encouraged.) A final exam (written and practical portions) will be offered in January 2022 for students who wish to complete their OEC certification. Offering the exam in January provides students with more opportunity to practice their skills without trying to “cram” a final exam into the end-of- semester rush. FULL SEMESTER 2PE credits!

S L O W R U N N I N G Each class will start with a thorough warm up. We will then follow that with a SLOW run, leaving time for some stretching and cool down activity at the end of class. You’ll need a good pair of socks and running shoes, shorts and a tee shirt. If the weather is cold or wet, extra layers will be necessary. The aerobic zone is the slowest zone of exercise. This is the zone where you will increase your endurance and general fitness. And its actually fun to run this way! “There is no hurry. We are training for the rest of our healthy lives.” —Mark Cucuzzella, MD

Spinning- Lasell Gymnasium high intensity bike training class. Students are guided through workout phases including warm-up, steady up-tempo cadences, sprints, climbs, and cool-down.

Weight Training- offers instruction and practice in proper techniques of the development of muscular strength, endurance.

Wellness- Baseketball offices above Pappa Charlies Designed to help students adopt and maintain the behaviors associated with an active and healthy lifestyle. Students will learn through lectures, discussions and physical activity labs.

Whitewater kayaking: Introduction to whitewater Kayaking, no experience necessary, but it is highly recommended you are a competent swimmer and feel comfortable in moving water!! We’ll be learning paddling technique, navigating various whitewater hydraulics, water safety and having fun!

WOC sampler: Experience a range of outings with what the WOC has to offer during the 1st quarter. Each class will be a different activity, weather pending – hiking, climbing, canoeing, outdoor games and more!!

Yoga I- Williams (field hockey) Field Open-level class in which we will learn the core yoga asanas (poses), work towards dynamic flow sequences, and explore some pranayama and meditation. Renew your energy, bring strength and flexibility to your body, and let go of stress as you explore the benefits of yoga.

Yoga II- Williams (field hockey) FieldA dynamic class featuring a flowing style of yoga which harmonizes movement and breath. With options for intermediate and more advanced students to explore their edge and an emphasis on safe alignment, skillful action, and connection to the breath, we will explore the asanas and pranayama with creativity and mindfulness.



Contact Carolyn Miles with any questions regarding the PE requirements.