PE Faculty

For general inquiries, contact Carolyn Miles

PE Class Instructor
Ballet Janine Parker
Basketball Kevin App
Badminton Mark McDonough or Ramon Mignott or Mark Raymond  
Boot Camp Scott Honecker
Golf- Beginner Josh Hillman or Tomas Adalsteinsson
Golf- Advanced Tomas Adalsteinsson
Independent Fitness Carolyn Miles or Sarah Raymond
Kettlebells Nate Hoey
Modern Dance Erica Dankmeyer
Muscle Fitness

George McCormack or Alix Barrale or Marshall Creighton


Soccer Steffen Siebert
Spinning Kris Herman or Alice Lee or Anik Cepeda
Tennis Kevin App or Steve Kuster
Squash- Int/Adv Dan Greenberg  or Mark McDonough
Swim Beginner Steve Kuster
Weight Training Marshall Creighton
Wellness Pat Manning
Williams Outing Club Classes Scott Lewis or Ben Oliver
Williams Outing Club Classes- Climbing Ben Oliver
Sweat Amber McHugh
Intro to Yoga Paula Thoms
Design Your Own Scott Honecker
Spikeball Tommy Verdell
Pickleball Amber McHugh or Steve Monsulick
Learn to Skate Meghan Gillis or Bill Kangas
Speed and Agility Nate Hoey
Aqua Running Sarah Raymond
Aerobic and Core Ethan Barron
Playground and Lawn Games Alix Barrale
Lifeguard Training Carolyn Miles or Allie Clark