Athletic Training services are open to all “in-season” Varsity and Junior Varsity student-athletes.  Specific hours are listed outside the entrance for the care of “out-of-season” student-athletes.  Care is also available to Club Sport student-athletes by appointment. Appointments can be made by contacting the Club Sports Athletic Trainer. Services include injury evaluation, treatment, referral, & rehabilitation as well as pre-participation taping and bracing.  Student-athletes are encouraged to utilize the morning and early afternoon hours for the evaluation and rehabilitation of athletic injuries while reserving the later afternoon hours for pre-practice preparation.  Available modalities include: ice, warm & cold whirlpool, moist heat, Ultrasound, e-stim, and light therapy.  Utilization of these treatment modalities is based on the evaluation and prescription of a Williams College Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), or other associated and licensed health care professional.