Sports Performance

Sports Performance Values

  • Inclusivity
  • Adaptability
  • Connection
  • Growth
  • Safety
  • Collaboration


Sports Performance Principles

  • Exemplify professionalism, strong communication skills and the ability to educate
  • Increase the athleticism of each athlete, while reducing the chance of injury
  • Understand each athletes’ psychological and physiological needs
  • Offer numerous training modalities to physiologically manipulate the athlete while promoting interest
  • Initiate and maintain communication with all coaches, administration and sports medicine staff
  • Provide a structured program with the ability to adapt


Fall 2020 and our Performance Tent

  • 24 fully equipped, non-shared training stations

Oct. 29 – Early Winter Mix – Sides down, masks up and heaters on!

March 1 – Zippered up, heated and ready to go!

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Director Rob Livingstone named Master Strength and Conditioning Coach