Winter Training Program

Training Objective for Winter (Dec – Feb) 2021

Sports performance will provide our student athletes with a structured, progressive training program that they can use during their time off campus. Regardless of resources, our overarching goal for every student-athlete is to promote a positive shift in their mental well-being when engaging in strength training and other sources of physical activity while bridging the gap for off-campus activity.  This will be paramount as we head into the darker, cooler days of the winter season. 

Our primary training goal for this time of the year is to create programs that will provide students with the opportunity to build on the foundation set during this fall semester.  It is still important to note that overall gains in strength, power, speed, and physical conditioning will vary based on each individual student-athlete, their training consistency and their ability to access resources safely. 

The program will include two training cycles of 4 weeks (11/30 – 12/24) and 6 weeks (1/11 – 2/19) and will be comprised of two tracks.  The first track will include loaded resistance training for those student athletes who have safe access to the appropriate equipment while off campus.  The program is designed using progressive overload (doing more over time) and will consist of multi-joint compound movements (power cleans, squats, etc.) along with other barbell and dumbbell exercises that can be performed with a small amount of space and equipment. The second track will provide a body-weight / Tabata style training program for student athletes with limited resources.  This program will be based upon timed intervals and is something that can be done without leaving the home.  

Our staff will also include videos for each exercise providing instruction and coaching cues along with promoting safety while training unsupervised away from campus.  These videos will be hyperlinked within the training documents for easy access.  

Please note that all programs should be used while strictly following the safety guidelines set forth by your local government in regards to social distancing, quarantine, etc.  The sports performance staff is here to support you in your training efforts during this time away from campus. Please feel free to reach out to Rob Livingstone [email protected] or Marshall Creighton at [email protected] with questions at any time.


Winter Training Cycle # 1

Winter Training Cycle #2