Williams College Announces Renovation Plan for Upper Lasell Fitness Center

WILLIAMSTOWN, MASS. – We have great news for the Williams College community, as the Upper Lasell Fitness Center will be getting remodeled during the summer of 2023. This initiative is the result of an incredibly generous act by a donor family, which wishes to remain anonymous.

The deadline to remove all items and vacate the locker rooms is by the end of the day on June 2, 2023. Any contents left in the lockers after the posted date above will be removed, and we ask that you leave locks on the lockers and keep them locked. Lockers will be reissued ahead of the fall 2023 semester and more information on this topic will follow in the coming months.

The Upper Lasell Fitness Center will be closed effective June 5 and remain closed for the entirety of the summer. We understand that this is a disappointment, but the end result will be worth the temporary inconvenience. It has been many years since a reset on that space has happened and is long overdue.

During this time of upgrades in Upper Lasell, some of the equipment will be available to utilize in Lasell Gymnasium, as we understand the importance of exercise and want to continue offering options for supporting your physical health. When Upper Lasell reopens, you should be prepared for new equipment, flooring and single-user restrooms.

The Lower Lasell Fitness Center (Performance Center) will remain operational in its existing capacity throughout the summer. Lasell Gymnasium will be converted into a temporary fitness facility where a certain amount of the equipment from Upper Lasell will be available to use during the refresh.

If you plan to use to the fitness facilities this summer and want a locker, temporary lockers in the general swim locker rooms will be issued based on availability. If you would like to inquire about this potential option, please send requests to Amy Cariddi ([email protected]), who is the Equipment Room Coordinator.

We are also modernizing the locker-issuing process by moving to a digital-based system and taking the opportunity to address other lingering issues with the lockers in an effort to better serve our students, faculty, staff and community members.

We would like to thank you for being valuable members of the Williams College community and appreciate your patience and support as we work toward offering a brighter future for the Upper Lasell Fitness Center. We hope you are as excited as we are to see the status of the venue and the locker system when the 2023-24 academic year rolls around.